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Selected Current Deals

Please note that most of the sell-side clients below have paid a substantial retainer to us for exclusive representation on their behalf. Though we do not price most engagements a complete and thorough valuation is performed on most sell-side clients we represent and each client signs an addendum agreeing to pay our success fee should they reject an offer we bring in which meets or exceeds our final agreed valuation figure. Each client has also agreed to compensate our firm a minimum penalty (from $150,000+) should they decide to take the company off the market at any time, or not support our efforts in selling their company. This demonstrates that each of our clients are very committed to a successful closing.


*Optional Real Estate Component: The owner would either sell the commercial real estate along with the business or sign a lease with the buyer.


(a) These companies are exclusively represented by our international team.

(b) These 550+/- miscellaneous non-retained companies have communicated to us their willingness to consider a full or partial sale and have provided use with their current financial and operating status.  These companies have not retained any firm to represent them and are not officially "on the market."  They represent a small percentage of the companies we approached for past and current buy-side clients.  We only release the details of these companies to buy side clients who have retained us.

(c) Part of a structured roll-up.

(d) This Buyout Firm client acquiried a company Spectrum co-represented through a cash transaction valued over $200 million and retained us to locate and advise them exclusively on specific acquisition opportunities.

(e) This Buyout Firm client has one company we located for them under LOI but has retained us to locate and advise on additional acquisition opportunities.

(f) This Public Company client entered into an LOI with an $80 million private company we located for them in the southwest.

(g)This Buyout Firm client acquired a company for $36 million in cash from us and has retained us to locate and advise on additional acquisition opportunities.

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