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The Team

The "Fortune 500 Service for Middle-Market Companies" Team


The Team at Spectrum has been hand-picked over many years. Each team member has been selected by their individual skill sets and their professional relationships with key contacts within the financial buyer industry (private equity groups, hedge funds, family offices, large numbers of high net worth individuals), as well as gatekeepers (CPA’s, attorneys, business consultants, and other intermediaries) who have their own relationships with key strategic buyers in most industries. These relationships are vital to Spectrum being able to successfully close sales for its client companies.


Our Team is a competent and capable group of individuals with extraordinary dimension and complementary expertise who bring a wealth of experience to our firm. Since inception in 1989 we have assembled an innovative and creative group of professionals attuned to the changing nature of the M&A landscape and individual client needs.


The Team is committed to providing unique, innovative, and sound solutions in order to deliver the results our clients seek. The knowledge and expertise each member is able to contribute brings significant value throughout the various stages of the process.




Since 1989 our President & CEO has been investing in businesses, managing businesses, engaging as a corporate advisor or board member, managing turnarounds and workouts, valuing businesses, and has personally orchestrated several hundred million dollars’ worth of private company acquisitions including sale and equity rollup transactions domestically and overseas. He has accumulated a level of knowledge rarely obtained by most professionals.


He has made investments in over 30 privately held domestic and overseas businesses and several publicly held companies. These investments have been in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing; distribution; import; as well as financial, information, and commercial service businesses.


The President & CEO oversees the overall strategy of our firm. He is responsible for initially understanding what each client wants to attain through engaging Spectrum. He approves each client engagement and directs the overall process and high level work flow assignments which are most likely to result in exceeding each individual client’s requirements. He is directly involved in discussions with prospective buyers, investors, sellers, and lenders to assure the forward momentum continues on each engagement. He plays an active and key role in client negotiations with various third parties.


He holds several financial securities licenses including the FINRA Series 7 General Securities Representative, FINRA Series 63 Uniform Securities Agent License, FINRA Series 65 Uniform Investment License​, and the Series 79 Investment Banker License. He also maintains a California Real Estate Broker’s License. He earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Graduate School of Management at the University of California Irvine as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Economics also from the University of California Irvine. As a military veteran he honorably served 5 years with Attack Squadron VA-122 in the United States Navy.


Since graduating with a degree in Economics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1989 our Senior Vice President has worked exclusively in corporate finance throughout his career. He has managed several hundred million dollar portfolios for some of the largest financial institutions in the western U.S. which were spread among companies in almost every industry. His expertise in deciphering a company's operational and financial position in their marketplace as well as the impediments they face in their growth efforts are an asset to our firm in assisting our clients positioning themselves in the equity markets.

He is responsible for analyzing each client's operations and financial position and directing our joint efforts in navigating through the debt and equity markets as necessary on each individual engagement.



Since starting with our firm in 2009 our Vice President of Operations has worked his way up through the ranks of being part of our Research Team to joining our Business Development Team (where he was one of our highest producers since our founding in 1989). He has worked in a number of different roles within our company. He is now responsible for overall operations and assuring everything gets done in a timely manner and that each client's need is properly dealt with by either himself or the appropriate individual.

His varied background with our firm allows him to not only understand the big picture but he knows how to get each engagement over the line, effectively how to get from A to Z. His ideas and solutions to each individual client's needs is a great asset to our firm and therefore to each of our clients.




Our Vice President of Marketing has worked full time in corporate banking since 2010. Prior to this was employed in key sales, accounting, financial, and management roles for very large multinational companies which included multinational banks and worldwide staffing companies employing 35,000 to 50,000 people each. Key roles were also held with a number of national companies including a 9,000 employee telecom company, a 2,000 employee grocery store chain with 25+ locations, a boutique management consulting firm, a recruitment company, an insurance company, and others. The more significant of these previous positions required, and provided the opportunity for, relocation to three different countries while most of these positions were were in London, UK and Sydney, Australia.

Our Vice President of Operations and Technology earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology, is an avid programmer and code writer, and is fluent in five languages. Given a proven track record demonstrating the ability to perform under such a wide array of responsibilities and in many diverse fields our firm is fortunate to have them as a key part of our team. 




Our Sales & Valuations Manager has personally managed over 130 business transfers and has performed valuations on over 1,400 businesses. His industry expertise is in manufacturing, wholesale/distribution and B2B service businesses. As a Certified Business Appraiser, Certified Intermediary, Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser, and Certified Valuation Analyst his business valuation knowledge and expertise is critical to our firm especially when it comes to determining the market value of a company’s intangible assets as part of our market presentations.


He has both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Business Administration from National University in San Diego and maintains a California real estate broker’s license as well as the Series 79 Investment Banker and the Series 63 State Securities financial securities licenses. While sometimes giving an industry talk as a guest speaker, he is responsbile for presenting our deals at various private equity and M&A conferences, as well as valuation seminars and other industry events around the country.




Our Business Development Manager first earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Connecticut and then went on to earn his master’s degree. He then started working as a counselor teaching independent living skills to the developmentally disabled in Connecticut. Wanting a career in business he eventually became a credit manager at a large finance company in Los Angeles and then spent 15 years as an executive search consultant in San Francisco serving domestic and international clients. In 1993 he founded his own financial consulting company which represented large companies and private equity groups and assisted them with implementing strategic plans and financing packages for their portfolio companies.


Since 2010 he has been part of our team working in mergers & acquisitions in the capacity of both business development and strategic research for key clients. His background and contacts in private equity and executive search, as well as his expertise in strategic research makes him a valuable asset to our firm.




As one of the cornerstones of Spectrum our Research Team consists of several individuals who constantly review (as well as continually add to) our own database of over 48,300 contacts. Our extensive contacts include strategic companies in most major industries, domestic and foreign private equity groups (over 200 headquartered in Southern California alone with over $33 billion in un-invested capital), hedge funds, family offices, pension funds, endowment funds, venture funds, financial institutions, high net worth individuals, and gatekeepers (accountants, lawyers, business consultants, as well as other intermediaries) that have their own clients who often buy a represented client company we present to them.




Our Operations Team consists of several individuals with varying backgrounds who have different responsibilities which include reaching out to a large number of financial and strategic buyers for each client engagement. Additionally, they are responsible for managing and updating our advertising and marketing efforts on a large number of both national and international web portals. They also are responsible for responding to inquiries seeking information on clients we represent, financial and operational updates of our client’s business to prospective buyers, investors, etc.




Our Consulting Manager has owned companies in various industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, construction, and business services. He has advised many organizations, including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, on how to become more efficient, productive, and performance-driven. His expertise in helping companies focus on strategic thinking, trend analysis, scenario planning, performance, productivity, organization development, etc. is critical to our firm and select clients.

After completing his bachelor’s degree he went on to earn dual master’s degrees as well as a doctorate degree.




Spectrum has maintained close and long term relationships with both lawyers and accountants who are often involved in either the preparation of a client’s financials prior to going to market or later in the contract and due diligence stage prior to the closing. These experts have been down this path many times with previous clients and are often instrumental in getting final issues resolved in order to secure a timely closing.

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