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Services Overview

Since 1989 Spectrum Acquisitions, Inc. has specialized in mergers, acquisitions, debt and equity placements, and valuations for medium to large companies with annual revenues typically between $2 million and $200 million
Sell-Side Services


This is a very well established and sophisticated approach that typically yields multiple offers 30-250% above what would normally be obtained without this high level of representation. These multiple offers need to be valued not only in terms of price, but also by the percentage of cash at closing, motivation and ability of the suitor to close the transaction, as well as the timing requirements of the due diligence process. Other important issues include...



Debt Placements

​One of the critical components to successful mergers and acquisitions involves being able to obtan the appropriate ratios of both debt and equity capital not only for the funding of the acquisition, but also for the company to maintain sufficient working capital on a going forward basis. One of the more valuable services we offer is providing or arranging suitable financing for our clients. Clients typically need financing for...


Buy-Side Services


Spectrum's approach typically yields acquisition prices 25-150% lower than acquiring a company that is formally represented as being “for sale” and on the market. Being the only exit strategy and sole buyer at the table is of great advantage in terms of negotiating a more favorable deal. Other important issues include assuring sufficient levels of capitalization, financing and determining what direction the company will take after the transfer of ownership. The correct form or structure ...


Equity Placements

This is a very sophisticated approach which typically yields multiple equity offers to be valued not only in terms of the equity for cash ratio, but also for the intangible contributions made by the equity partner (investment group or strategic partner/synergistic company). These intangible contributions can outweigh the capital contribution, and can include; management or board expertise, distribution channels, reduced overhead, intellectual property, knowledge transfer, additional capital...



We typically perform each valuation utilizing nine to eleven different methodologies. Most valuations run fifty or more pages in length and are quite extensive. We typically incorporate or analyze various reports, company historical and projected balance sheets and income statements, comparable sales of similar companies, industry trends, worksheets, analysis, recast financials, goodwill analysis, the core management team...




Other Services


We understand that each business is unique and if you have questions about any other services we may offer feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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