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California Manufacturer Successfully Sold by Spectrum Acquisitions, Inc.

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California Based Patented Manufacturer

Los Angeles, California



Spectrum Acquisitions, Inc. is pleased to announce another successful closing with the sale of its client, a privately-held, California-based manufacturing company. Spectrum was retained to help the company secure a synergistic sale to a strategic partner in order to fulfill the founder's desire of ensuring the company's continued success. The acquiring company is well-suited to follow-through with the level of quality and service their customers have come to expect.


Prior to retaining Spectrum, the seller had been to market with the business for a period of two years and agreed to a transaction with a buyer they found but that ultimately fell through which left the company in a tenuous position.  


With the help of Spectrum, initiating proper marketing of the business, we were able to procure offers from five different buyers. These included both financial and strategic buyers from Spectrum's extensive in-house network. The advantage to the client in this case was a bidding war ensued which eventually led to the highest offer being 9 times EBITDA- a far better outcome than the original deal that fell through and an outcome only achievable through the diligent efforts of an experienced and knowledgeable Spectrum team.

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